Clearly I’m Asking For Too Much

Today Flavorpill featured a post on The Love Stories of Intellectual Power Couples. And it hit me: This is a huge part of why I’ll probably be by myself for the foreseeable future. How often does a Harold Pinter connect with a Lady Antonia Fraser, or a Siri Hustvedt and a Paul Auster? It’s a crapshoot. Plus I clearly missed my chance when I was at that hoity-toity Ivy League School. That’s a tale for another post.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how much I might try to deny it, I need intellectual stimulation from my friends, family and lovers. I grew up with debate, asking questions, having an opinion, reading, all that. I know how it sounds to some people, but this is necessary to me. No, I don’t choose my friends based upon what degree they have or where they went to school, but because I tend to gravitate towards people who have similar interests to mine, my friends tend to be educated, smart, relatively sophisticated people.

I can’t see myself dating and being in a relationship with a dude who doesn’t share those characteristics. In fact, even if a guy is as cute as all get-out, if he just doesn’t have intellectual curiosity, or we don’t have generally overlapping curiosities (I don’t tend to have much in common with techie types to be honest) but if he’s just not all that…er…bright? Interest shuts off pretty quickly. I get real, real bored.

Now of course I can be ratchet and foolish. And we all know I watch more TV than is healthy, and my geekery borders on the epic. But I would give anything to find what Ayelet Waldman wrote about when she shared what she felt for her husband Michael Chabon.

But this blog is about trying to be realistic. Radical Honesty. That’s my mantra. But I want what I want, and I need what I need.


Oh Now THIS Is Timely! Salon: How not to die alone in the Internet age

Oh Now THIS Is Timely! Salon: How not to die alone in the Internet age

Wow y’all! It seems that someone out there is super-duper concerned that we old broads don’t shrivel up and rot all by ourselves without the bonds of matrimony to you know, do that stuff that matrimony is supposed to do. So there’s been a bunch of articles about how we can best use the handy tools of the INTERNET to remedy that situation in just the last few days. So much advice! And how appropriate! It’s like they knew I was starting this little blog and needed material. 

Katie McDonough at Salon took the time to summarize a whole bunch of it. I don’t think I even need to add any commentary of my own.:  


TUESDAY, JAN 15, 2013 05:31 PM EST

How not to die alone in the Internet age

Journalists are on a serious mission to save women from becoming spinsters


How not to die alone in the Internet age (Credit: Shutterstock)

Women, send your men out of the room. This post is for ladies only!

There is a lot of good advice on how to snag the guy of your dreams who right now is floating around the Internet. I am here to share it with you!

The Wall Street Journal

Amy Webb lived every red-blooded woman’s nightmare when, at 30, she still wasn’t married.Lucky for Webb, the story has a happy ending. (She gets married.)

But it wasn’t easy. After signing up with an Internet dating site and going on a string of disastrous firsts, she set out to crack the ever elusive online dating algorithm. The Date-Vinci Code!

Drawing on her background in data analysis, Webb “reverse engineered” her online profile. She created 10 male archetypes and built their online dating avatars. Then, she tricked 96 women into thinking she was these men to learn everything she could about her “competition.”

What did she learn about the perfect online dating profile?

  1. Don’t have scary hobbies! I don’t care if you have a black belt in karate and you come from a proud family of skilled martial artists. Don’t tell men that!
  2. Don’t be funny. (This one is pretty much taken care of already.)
  3. Don’t mention work unless you have an easy to understand, non-threatening job. (Sorry, Hillary Clinton!)
  4. Don’t have curly hair. Seriously. Just don’t.

The New York Times

Online dating has killed courtship (maybe), says the Times’ Alex Williams. There is no such thing as a date anymore, only Facebook pokes and and dirty text messages and nude Skype sessions. But you can still try to have meaningful contact with men during these difficult times.

  1. Don’t overexpose yourself! Having too many dating profiles will “reinforce the hyper-casual approach by greatly expanding the number of potential dates,” says Williams. Being less Internet available makes you seem like the precious, limited commodity you are! If you want to lock someone down for the long haul (Spoiler: You do!), you better deactivate at least one dating profile right now.
  2. Everything is flirting! Did a strange man sneeze on you in the subway today? He was probably flirting, says Jessica Massa, founder of dating advice site the Gaggle. “Once women begin recognizing these more ambiguous settings as opportunities for romantic possibility,” she said, “they really start seeing their love lives as much more intriguing and vibrant than they did when they were only judging themselves by how many ‘dates’ they had lined up.”

The Atlantic

Not only has Internet dating killed courtship, it has also killed monogamy. A double homicide! My only advice?

  1. Don’t date this one guy named Jacob from Dan Slater’s “A Million First Dates.” He will never marry you because online dating has ruined his capacity for monogamy. Ruined it! Now he only wants to watch sports, go to concerts and have constant, no-strings sex.

Fast Company

If Webb’s reverse-engineered dating algorithm still has you kissing frogs, there is still hope.

  1. Let OKCupid send you on a completely random blind date through their “Crazy Blind Date” app. According to a statement from the company, it will force people “to make their dating decisions based on words and wits rather than abs and, well, other body parts.”

And if all else fails?

Sorry, but this is your future.

30 Rock Ep 5.15: Spinsterhood of the Drawstring Pants Highlights

To inaugurate my new blog, I present some highlights from my favorite 30 Rock episode.

Although Liz Lemon got married, it may just be too late for now in my case.

This here blog will explore my adventures.

Also I can’t figure out how to embed this video so you’ll just have to do with the link. I’m actually more web-savvy than this but WordPress flummoxes me. Old Age maybe?