Diva Series #3: Texas Trill

This is the week that Beyonce won me over completely.


1993 Project I

I’m revisiting the me I was in 1993.

Not only have I been repressing the fact that my college reunion is in May, I visited the New Museum exhibit “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” a couple of weeks ago. It pretty much freaked me out. I’ve been freaking out ever since. Cause a few words came up for me that I didn’t expect: Anomie. Alienation. Disaffection. Disconnection.

And those words didn’t feel as if I’d left them back then. 20 years ago. They’re still with me. And the art I experienced made me realize that in ways I hadn’t before.

So, instead of doing what I usually do, which is battering the experience into the back of my mind, I decided to take a look-see and figure out what the deal is.

So here’s where I start. With some images that I’m not analyzing. That are here for a reason. And not.

And a playlist/mixtape. Of songs that I listened to then, and that I can still listen to now. There are more songs I liked then, but I just can’t bear them anymore. They don’t connect me to that time, if anything they repulse me with their banality and mediocrity. I’m sure that means something, I don’t know what.

And yup I have read this article in New York Magazine about the exhibit.

Prince Personal Social Cultural Project I

“We’ve all used shock value to sell things, I used shock to get attention, but back when I was doing the freaky songs in the freaky outfits; we were exploring ideas. I wanted my band to be multi-racial, male & female, to reflect society. The song ‘Sexuality’ was about education & literacy. ‘P Control’ & ‘Sexy M.F.’ were about respect for women. Go & listen to the verses, all people focus on is the hooks.”

–Prince, Entertainment Weekly April 23, 2004