The Fact That I’m #TeamBlane Probably Explains a Lot

I’m thinking about my past a lot and how it relates to my present. Anyone who’s been following my entries here can pick up on that pattern. I also use pop culture to process my life. That’s pretty much obvious.

Pretty in Pink came out when I was a freshman in high school. Like millions of other teenage girls I wanted to be just like Molly Ringwald. I wanted red hair. I’m black though and my mom wouldn’t let me actually use real hair dye so I got a can of henna and plopped it on my head. My hair was reddish.

pretty in pink

These days with Twilight and whatnot all the girls are #TeamThis and #TeamThat  but back then the big deal was Duckie vs Blane. Andie loved Blane the gorgeous smooth rich dude but her best friend Duckie loved her. Blane’s friends would never accept her cause she was from the wrong side of the tracks.

Pretty In Pink Team Blanetreamblaine

These days it’s cool to say you were always #TeamDuckie. Well eff that noise, I was always #TeamBlane. We’re supposed to feel all bad for Duckie. Duckie was not cute plus he was annoying as hell. Blane was hot, he was just conflicted and needed to grow up and get away from evil James Spader and the other socs (oops wrong movie). Plus look at Andrew McCarthy now.


Look. I’m fully and completely aware that this fact explains a lot about me and the fact that I’m a spinster. I mean I’m not stupid. I want the ones who are out of my league (Blane), who are unattainable (Blane), reject or ignore the ones who want me (Duckie), I’m superficial and love the pretty boys (Blane although I do think he made good grades), etc, etc, etc, etc….

Anyway, I’m not saying anything new. So. Yeah.

Also the soundtrack was hot as HELL. I still listen to that shit and you should too.

My two favorite tracks were from Jesse Johnson and Nik Kershaw.


One thought on “The Fact That I’m #TeamBlane Probably Explains a Lot

  1. I was Team Duckie in my youth, but now I can see it clearly: Duckie stinks. Duckie is playing the classic Nice Guy routine: convincing Andie that they’re friends and that he cares about her as something other than a romantic interest, all the while fostering his own romantic and sexual desire for her until they swell up beyond mere desire and into unswayable entitlement.

    When Andie makes it clear that she’s interested in Blane, Duckie BLOWS UP because he feels like he’s put in the time and service and she owes herself to him. (Andie’s dad tries to cut this short in an early scene: Duckie announces that he secretly loved Andie, and Harry Dean Stanton says “Well, you can love her but that doesn’t mean she’ll love you” and “You can’t make it happen.”)

    When Andie goes out with Blane, Duckie yells and berates her, he dismisses their long friendship because it didn’t end in romance, and he announces with spiteful relish that he won’t be there for her when things go badly with Blane because he doesn’t like her any more. I don’t think much of Blane, but Duckie can go get stuffed.

    I don’t remember the end. Does Duckie redeem himself?

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