My Questionable Classic Movie Advice

Apparently there are people who are under the impression that cause I watch a lot of TV and movies and talk a lot about them it means what I think about them matters even a little bit. Cause I was asked to come up with a list of classic films I’d recommend to someone who’d like to get up to speed. So I made a list of American movies.

At first I was going to just send them the list (which I compiled with the help of the American Film Institute cause my memory isn’t as good as it used to be) but then I figured it might be nice to share it in a blog post. With trailers where possible.

Though I’ve numbered it, the list is in no particular order, it’s just a list of movies I think are essential watches. It’s not a list of my all-time faves, and no, it’s not the most inclusive list. It’s not about social or cultural significance or popularity either. Basically, if you’re going to call yourself a movie fan, these are the ones I’ve seen and loved that, in my mind, exemplify the joy and artistry of the medium of film.

I’ll get around to International films…eventually. Baby steps.

Now I want to watch all of these movies.

You wanna fight about it? We can do it in the comments. Or not.

1. Lawrence Of Arabia

2. All About Eve

3. On The Waterfront

4. Laura

5. Sunset Boulevard

6. 2001: A Space Odyssey

7. Doctor Zhivago

8. Double Indemnity

9. A Clockwork Orange

10. Chinatown

11. Apocalypse Now

12. Taxi Driver

13. A Streetcar Named Desire

14. Annie Hall

15. High Noon

16. Goodfellas

17. The Unforgiven

18. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

19. The Philadelphia Story

20. Some Like It Hot

21 & 22. Godfather Pt. I & II

23. Psycho

24 .Rebecca

25. The Manchurian Candidate

26. Bringing Up Baby

27. The Deer Hunter

28. The Maltese Falcon

29. Wuthering Heights

30. Giant

31. North By Northwest


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