The Best Prince Post-Eighties Tracks According To Me

I make no secret of the fact that while I’ve been a die-hard Prince fan for 35 years the recorded musical output of his that I enjoy and listen to the most definitely runs through and up to the end of the 1980’s. Once the 1990’s roll around, let’s just say P & I began to move in different directions. There have been some notable exceptions along the way, tho and here they are. And in no particular order.

No annotations, I’d rather folks just listen.
Questions and comments welcome.

I Hate U 1993

Love Sign w/Nona Gaye 1994

Dionne 1998

Somebody’s Somebody 1994

Bonus — Somebody’s Somebody (Ultrafantasy edit)

Joy In Repetition 1990

We Can Funk w/George Clinton 1990

Sexy M.F. 1992

Billy Jack Bitch 1993

Dinner With Delores 1993

Chaos and Disorder 1993

Sleep Around 1994

Eye Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt cover) 1994

Prettyman w/ Maceo Parker 1999

Beautiful Strange 1999

Calhoun Square 1993


Prince Personal Social Cultural Project I

“We’ve all used shock value to sell things, I used shock to get attention, but back when I was doing the freaky songs in the freaky outfits; we were exploring ideas. I wanted my band to be multi-racial, male & female, to reflect society. The song ‘Sexuality’ was about education & literacy. ‘P Control’ & ‘Sexy M.F.’ were about respect for women. Go & listen to the verses, all people focus on is the hooks.”

–Prince, Entertainment Weekly April 23, 2004